Selected Publications


Left ventricular dilatation increases the risk of ventricular arrhythmias in patients with reduced systolic function.
Aleong RG, Singh M, Mulvahill MJ, Carlson NE, Halder I, Bloom HL, Dudley SC, Ellinor PT, Shalaby A, Weiss R, Gutmann R, Sauer WH, Narayanan K, Chugh SS, Saba S, London B J Am Heart Assoc 2015; 4: e001566.
PMID: 26231842.

Effect of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and receptor blockers on appropriate implantable cardiac defibrillator shock in patients with severe systolic heart failure (From the GRADE multicenter study).
AlJaroudi WA, Refaat MM, Habib RH, Al-Shaar L, Singh M, Gutmann R, Bloom HL, Dudley SC, Ellinor PT, Saba SF, Shalaby AA, Weiss R, McNamara DM, Halder I, London B, for the Genetic Risk Assessment of Defibrillator Events (GRADE) Investigators.
Amer J Cardiol 2015; 115: 924-31.
PMID: 25682436


Cardiac Na+ Current Regulation by Pyridine Nucleotides.
Liu M, Sanyal S, Gao G, Gurung IS, Zhu X, Gaconnet G, Kerchner LJ, Shang LL, Huang CL-H, Grace A, London B, Dudley SC. Circ Res 2009;105:737-45.
PMID: 19745168


A mutation in GPD1-L decreases cardiac Na+ current and causes inherited arrhythmias.
London B, Michalec M, Mehdi H, Zhu X, Kerchner L, Sanyal S, Viswanathan PC, Pfahn AE, Shang LL, Madhusudanan M, Baty CJ, Lagana S, Aleong R, Gutmann R, Ackerman MJ McNamara DM, Weis R, and Dudley SC Jr. Circulation 2007; 116: 2260-2268.
PMID: 17967977

A Na+ channel pore mutation causes Brugada syndrome.
Pfahnl AD, Viswanathan PC, Weiss R, Shang LL, Sanyal S, Shusterman V, Kornblit C, London B, Dudley SC. Heart Rhythm 2007;4:46-53.
PMID: 17198989


Pharmacogenetic interactions between angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor therapy and the angiotensin-converting enzyme deletion polymorphism in patients with congestive heart failure.
McNamara DM, Holubkov R, Postava L, Janosko K, MacGowan GA, Mathier M, Murali S, Feldman AM, London B. J Am Col Cardiol 2004; 44: 2019-2026.
PMID: 15542286


The Asp298 variant of endothelial nitric oxide synthase: Effect on survival for patients with congestive heart failure. McNamara DM, Holubkov R, Postava L, Ramani R, Janosko K, Mathier M, MacGowan GA, Murali S, Feldman AM, London B. Circulation 2003; 107: 1598-1602.
PMID: 12668492

Calcium-dependent arrhythmias in transgenic mice with heart failure.
London B, Baker LC, Lee JS, Shusterman V, Choi B-R, Kubota T, McTiernan CF, Feldman AM, Salama B. Amer J Physiol 2003; 284: H431-441.
PMID: 12388316


Clinical and molecular heterogeneity in the Brugada syndrome: A novel gene locus on chromosome 3. Weiss R, Barmada MM, Nguyen T, Seibel JS, Cavlovich D, Kornblit CA, Angelilli A, Villanueva F, McNamara DM, London B. Circulation 2002; 105: 707-713.
PMID: 11839626

Strain-specific patterns of cardiac rhythm & autonomic nervous system activity in mice.
Shusterman V, Usiene I, Harrigal C, Lee JS, Kubota T, Feldman AM, London B. Amer J Physiol 2002; 282: H2076-83.
PMID: 12003814


Targeted replacement of Kv1.5 in the mouse leads to loss of the 4-aminopyridine-sensitive component of IK,slow and resistance to drug-induced QT prolongation.
London B, Guo W, Pan X-H, Lee JS, Shusterman V, Rocco CJ, Logothetis DA, Nerbonne JM, Hill JA. Circ Res 2001; 88: 940-946.
PMID: 11349004


Enhanced dispersion of repolarization & refractoriness in transgenic mouse hearts promotes reentrant ventricular tachycardia. Baker LC, London B, Choi B-R, Koren G, Salama G. Circ Res 2000; 86: 396-407.
PMID: 10700444